Zardoz NOTwax. Advanced Base Treatments

Explore the complete Zardoz product line from tip to tail. Use Super Z to quickly strip your base of contaminates and old wax. Then lay down a vicious layer of our High Fluoro race-grade wax. Top it off with our infamous 100% pure liquid fluoro NOTwax® base treatment. Whether you rip the park, thrash the moguls or rock the bunnies, Zardoz will work for you!

Zardoz Supports 2011 USARC Skiathon
Mar 18, 2011
On March 5th, the United States Adaptive Recreation Center held its popular winter fund-raiser, the 2011 Ski-A-Thon. USARC was able to raise over $25,000 in support of outdoor recreation opportunities for persons with disability.