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What is NOTwax

Other Uses for NOTwax

Technically, Zardoz is a liquid Teflon fluoropolymer which makes it a really versatile substance. So, from time to time, our users let us know about some of the alternate uses they have discovered for Zardoz…(if you have discovered a unique use, submit it to

1. Headlight wipes – helps bring old headlight lenses back to life.
2. Chain Lube – it works great as a bicycle chain lubricant
3. Ice Repellent – riders wipe it on the tops of their board and skis to prevent ice and snow build up
4. Rubber Protectant – when wiped on rubber, it helps preserve and protect it.
5. Lock Lubricant – can be used to lubricate stuck locks
6. Cable Lubricant –the Speed Swipes can be wiped along a new bike cable before inserting into its housing.
7. Coolant hose anti-seize – wipe on the flange of your coolant hoses so that they are easier to remove during the next repair.